I’ve been creating sites, social media accounts and fan pages for a few years. This page serves as a portal to current and closed projects stretching back to 2010.


  • 2008: Account INACTIVE

ComHeader is where everything I do now stems from. My love for gaming, graphic design, social sites, projects and community spirit. I joined in 2008 for the Halo 3 Stats but as they used to say, stayed for the lame jokes. In 2010 started posting in the forums and met some awesome and inspiring people. I soon became a regular on the site and joined many private groups. Projects and graphics soon began spill into my daily schedule starting off with forum avatars and moving to iPhone Wallpapers. These were uploaded to and can been seen on

  • 2010: Avatars and iPhone Wallpapers


Not a site as such but the start of my love for graphic design. Basic and crude they may be now but at the time I only had a really old version Adobe Photoshop Elements. These were uploaded to and posted in the forums for people to use.

  • 2010: OFFLINE


The first and only actual website I created was It pretty much had the same purpose as this site does now only it had a lot more information crammed in. That included iPhone wallpapers, file downloads, avatars and all kinds things that I created for then Halo creator’s community. A screen capture of this site can be found here.

  • 2010: Bungiepedia INACTIVE

bpedia5years copy

Although I didn’t create Bungiepedia I certainly spent a lot of my free time on the site. Bungiepedia, the wiki about Bungie, the Halo Universe creator was a popular community site at the time with talk about it in the Bungie forums keeping members up to date about other users, the company and the games. For a few years myself and Foman123, a Bungie Forum Ninja and both Administrators kept the wiki clear of spam and rubbish. I used basic graphic skills to create wallpapers, logos and page templates.

  • 2011: Community Joes INACTIVE

blogbanner copy


A successful project created by forum member Clone OutCast was launched in 2011 on The role of this community project was to continue Bungie’s Average Joe interviews with regular members in the forums. Interviews were created by the community for the community and lasted a few years with over 25 members spoken too in total. I ended up running the project and created a graphics for the group and even did a podcast special. Read more about the history on Bungiepedia.

  • 2011: Community Carnage INACTIVE

Carnage copy

Another successful Bungie community project created by a good friend of mine, Tom T and others. Community Carnage was a group where members would host game nights, have fun and talk to other fans. I joined later on doing graphics and even hosting a few Halo Wars matches. I also played in a few Halo 3 and Halo Reach game nights. All these videos can be found on my YouTube page.


  • 2011: YouTube Account ONLINE


Being a gamer and a huge Halo fan at the time I used BungiePro to download gameplay and clips to upload to YouTube to display my ‘skills’. As you can see by the really cheesy font and logo I didn’t have a great set of graphic skills. Now almost 4 years later i’ve uploaded over 100 videos with more than 5,000 views.

  • 2012 Twitter Account ONLINE


Obviously the main social site that I’ve used keeping fans and friends up to date with my projects and social life. It’s also the easiest way to promote other sites, work and wallpapers. Apart from my actual account I’ve created and run several other accounts;

  • Destinypedia
  • Bungiepedia
  • InsideDestiny
  • iBungie
  • OMSI Brighton
  • Brighton Gallery
  • Following the World
  • 2012: ebay Account ONLINE

This is mainly used to buy things on ebay but my account has been used to sell some Destiny and Bungie stuff from time to time including a huge Destiny Shop stand with about 30 posters. Usually i’ll post on twitter if I sell anything worth while.

  • 2012: United World Gaming OFFLINE


Back in 2012 on groups were our prime source of entertainment as Bungie was going dark – meaning they were working on Destiny. We had to entertain our selfs. One group that I was in and ran for while was United World Gaming. There I created a sub off of which had group history, a map of where members lived, achievements and medals. A screenshot can be seen here.


Spawn, one of the forum legends on created an idea; the Annual Bungie Awards. Basically members voted on the best threads of the year. Once again I provided graphics and art as well as being one of the founders. More information can be found on Bungiepedia. 

  • 2012: Destinypedia ONLINE


Destinypedia. The first Destiny wiki was created by Foman123. It closed down for certain reasons but I re-created it on wikia. Today it’s the biggest site dedicated to keeping Destiny players in the loop ad up to date. I’m proud to have been one of the Founders of such an awesome site. I spent a lot of time creating graphics, typing up pages and keeping it visible in the community.

  • 2012: OFFLINE


Probably my most famous project. InsideDestiny was one of the very first few Destiny fan sites. What made it unique was that it expanded and promoted many Destiny community sites as they built upon their own foundations. Destiny Dispatch (once known as Destiny News) Bungie Informer and Destiny Hub are just a few. It’s origin began near the end of 2012 with hype of (Website Update) and Destiny beginning to rise and leak out. As some members on looked down on it and thought it was a waste of time I continued to post news and stories keeping the Bungie and early Destiny community informed. At it’s peak I was posting news, creating many iPhone wallpapers, iPad wallpapers, avatars, twitter headers, music downloads and more. It closed down as a community never grew upon my own site. No comments on the interviews or artwork led me to shut it down. Today though it gets more views than ever with a milestone of 100,000 views just passed a few weeks ago.

  • 2013: SoundCloud Account INACTIVE

A sound-cloud account was created for an easy way for Destiny fans to listen and download Destiny music which I had streamed from YouTube videos ect. Due to a limit of downloads on a free account I recently uploaded a zipped file to InsideDestiny where fans can download every track in one go.

  • 2013: OMSI Brighton ONLINE


OMSI Brighton is a small project for myself really. In my free time I sometimes like to play OMSI – a Bus Simulator. As with most games everyone likes to customise stuff. On this game you can paint the buses to fit other liveries. Living in Sussex one of the major operators is Brighton and Hove which my repaints are based on. The blog is a place for me to upload pictures of my work and for people to download them if wanted.

  • 2013: OFFLINE


As InsideDestiny had been shut down due to the lack of feedback I created A site where people could download and swag out their gadgets with Bungie and Destiny material. Everything apple created was covered; iPhone, iPad and iMac. Also Twitter headers where still being created. That closed down at Christmas 2013 as it never took off.

  • 2013: Brighton Gallery ONLINE


Brighton Gallery is another blog that I run mostly for myself. It’s a place where I upload photos that I take myself with my iPhone. That’s it. No special effects or snazzy camera.  Just me, out and about taking pictures of pretty things. It’s not updated often but when I can I like to keep it fresh.

  • 2014: Following the World ONLINE


The first project of 2014. I started this twitter account to just see how many people I could follow for fun. That was until I realised there was a follow limit. Now I use the account to retweet news from around the world and post certain themes myself such as life’s frustrations and feel good vibes. It’s relatively new and just recently a Facebook page has been created for it.



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