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Happies not Hippies Citaro

A spicy and popular bus wrap in Brighton is the Happies not Hippies articulated Citaro by Art + Believe. The wrap has variety of colours and cubes all over the bus and really stands out when on the road which is why I’ve created the bus in Photoshop as artwork.

Wondering where I started? Check out the real stages below:




Even though I’ve not made an entry here for a while I’ve actually been a very busy boy where a lot of my time has been dedicated to new bus repaints for OMSI 2. I’ve been replicating 2 highly detailed buses based of their real-life counterparts.

Brighton & Hove’s Drusilla’s advert wrap

 Brighton & Hove’s GET (BUS)Y North Laine art wrap

Both have taken a while to create and I’ve had to wait for the buses to be in the garage to get lot’s of close up shots of the different details. Once these are imported into my computer it’s then down to some wizardry sessions in Adobe Photoshop. You can watch a small clip of the Get Busy bus below.

In other news I’ve updated the background for the blog to look even more ‘Brighton & Hove’ like.

I’ll have further updates written up very soon.

Personal Facelift

Creating artwork as a hobby is something I really enjoy doing. I design a lot of things mainly for my own use and personal collections, however over the last 6 months my site has become more popular than usual. Thanks to my ‘designer’ mind quite often a year or two after I’ve created something I look back and think that looks pretty poor, I could do so much more to improve that. That’s why today my logo has been updated, the colour scheme is the same however the design is a bit more unique and clever. from 2012-2014

My ‘logo’ started off from Bungie’s Halo 3 days when you could post on the forums with your in game emblem. As a huge fan of Bungie at the time I always used the Septagon, then once I started making avatars and themes on my first website I modified it slightly to create my ‘own’ logo. A few years later it was updated to a swifter version with a gradient. When I loss interest in Bungie I knew I actually had to design my own logo and being interested in graphics I whipped up a basic ‘A’ logo. Skip forward another year and I added the 5, dropped the background and smoothed out the logo. My latest logo clearly displays the ‘A5’ short for Arbitor5 and looks like the tip of a pen or pencil.


Short & Sweet animated images

Photoshop is probably the most used program on my Apple Mac, nearly all of my content and work is built and designed in it. Something I haven’t created for a long time is an animated image (.gif) so yesterday I built 3 as tests to see If I still knew what I was doing.

  1. A Brighton & Hove Streetdeck on the 1 was the first I designed.
  2. Changing the subject to a more of an ‘out of this world’ theme I build one based on Star Treks Galaxy Class starship.
  3. Back to buses this ‘game’ is intended for players to park the bus at the bus stop. (Works best on twitter).

Break Glass Mask

In the light of the tragic events that occurred in London today I’m shocked that large blocks of flats don’t have masks to hand for emergencies such as these.

This simple idea could really help save peoples lives. Of course it could be vandalised but so couldn’t anything?


Regency Route

More buses, more photoshopping – I’ve started creating buses with line art. Brighton & Hove’s Regency Route livery on a Volvo Gemini (BH4) and on an Scania Omnidekka (BH3) appear below with a Scania Citizen (BH2) and a Southdown PD3.



Old Ideas

As usual where you’re trying to find something I came across some old ideas and documents on my computer. Back in 2014 I had this concept written up for Go-Ahead’s ever growing presence in the south. Although they already own Brighton & Hove and Metro Bus I imagined how the two companies could be merged whilst still retaining their unique colour schemes. Behold ‘Go-Ahead South’.

Another concept I drew up was a ‘Regency Route’ livery as the the company (Brighton & Hove) had changed a highly well know livery into a scramble.