Thank you for dropping by my site. Firstly you should know that this site is generally a central hub for all my current and old projects. I’ve worked on so many over the years that things can get a little mixed up, mainly for myself!

About this site. It’s fairly simple and is split into a few pages;

  • Current Projects – all my active sites
  • Ceased Projects – sites which I no longer run or maintain and
  • Latest News – where blog posts from here and other projects are posted

Here’s a little bit about myself though; I’m 23, I live in the United Kingdom and I’m into gaming but not as much as I used to be. I enjoy creating and designing graphics but I’m no pro or expert, I’m also employed as a Bus Driver in Sussex.

Arbitor5? In case your wondering what it means it actually goes back to when I first subscribed to Xbox Live Gold. My brother signed me up and asked me what Gamertag I wanted and as a fan of the Arbiter in Halo 2 at the time I said Arbiter which of course was already taken. I then decided to use my favourite number 5 afterwards. My brother though spelled it Arbitor instead Arbiter which I’ve just stuck with ever since.