Even though I’ve not made an entry here for a while I’ve actually been a very busy boy where a lot of my time has been dedicated to new bus repaints for OMSI 2. I’ve been replicating 2 highly detailed buses based of their real-life counterparts.

Brighton & Hove’s Drusilla’s advert wrap

 Brighton & Hove’s GET (BUS)Y North Laine art wrap

Both have taken a while to create and I’ve had to wait for the buses to be in the garage to get lot’s of close up shots of the different details. Once these are imported into my computer it’s then down to some wizardry sessions in Adobe Photoshop. You can watch a small clip of the Get Busy bus below.

In other news I’ve updated the background for the blog to look even more ‘Brighton & Hove’ like.

I’ll have further updates written up very soon.