Personal Facelift

Creating artwork as a hobby is something I really enjoy doing. I design a lot of things mainly for my own use and personal collections, however over the last 6 months my site has become more popular than usual. Thanks to my ‘designer’ mind quite often a year or two after I’ve created something I look back and think that looks pretty poor, I could do so much more to improve that. That’s why today my logo has been updated, the colour scheme is the same however the design is a bit more unique and clever. from 2012-2014

My ‘logo’ started off from Bungie’s Halo 3 days when you could post on the forums with your in game emblem. As a huge fan of Bungie at the time I always used the Septagon, then once I started making avatars and themes on my first website I modified it slightly to create my ‘own’ logo. A few years later it was updated to a swifter version with a gradient. When I loss interest in Bungie I knew I actually had to design my own logo and being interested in graphics I whipped up a basic ‘A’ logo. Skip forward another year and I added the 5, dropped the background and smoothed out the logo. My latest logo clearly displays the ‘A5’ short for Arbitor5 and looks like the tip of a pen or pencil.


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